The Tech of Growing Diamonds

Diamonds – with a revolutionary tech twist…

Gone are the days when we mull over societal shame from the very real possibility of owning a blood diamond. Now, the choice is ours on what kind of gemstone we want to support.

We use cutting edge tech to lab grow all our stones, which means your diamond or onyx origin story isn’t one of environmental harm, human pain or strife. It’s a story about the modern miracle of science-as-art.

With our sleek, tastefully designed pieces, you’re bound to get noticed. And with that attention will come questions, like “where did you get that ring?” Your answer can now be a lot more interesting than just rattling off a brand name, leaving the admirer to wonder where you might stand ethically – you can tell them your gemstones were made with tech well on the way to disrupting an entire century-plus years old industry, which is not your worry any longer – you’re clean, with no conflict.

It’s a new frontier that’s only going to grow. Get in now and wear something you want to talk about.